When entering Megadairy’s manufacturing site, relevant personnel are required to follow the strict guidelines set out by the factory. The following picture shows Megadairy’s standard operating procedure and dress code requirements for entering the factory, warehouse & laboratory.

The following is a snippet of some of the minimum dressing requirements for personnel entering the “red zone” of the factory facility.

1)All production staffs should wear clean smock and trousers provided by Megadairy inside the factory.

2)  A hair net must be worn and contain all hair by all personnel entering the production facility.


3)  A face mask must be worn and cover both mouth and nose.

4)  A new hair net and face mask are to be worn each time you enter the factory.

5)  Production staff and staff who regularly enter the factory are provided foot wear for use only in the factory area, this foot wear is only to be worn on the factory area side of the “Red Line”. Staff must remove their street shoes and place them in appropriate racks provided.

The following items are not to be worn in the factory:

 Jewellery (watches, bracelets, earrings, rings)

 Nail polish (Exception for visitors only)

Dress code for production staffs

Dress code for visitors

Dress code for laboratory staffs