Production manager / Deputy Production Manager JD

Job Title: Production Manager / Deputy Production Manager
Superior: Director
Subordinate: Production staff, Team leaders, Engineers

Job goal: According to the company’s production plan, ensure that the production tasks are performed in accordance with the requirements of safety, quality and quantity. The products involved include: tablets, powders, three-side sealing products, strip powders, canned products, and liquid products.

1. According to the company’s QA standards, HACCP, RMP, GMP and other requirements for compliance production.
2. Through effective prevention, maintenance, personal repair or procurement plan for all production equipment, to ensure that the production equipment failure will not affect the execution of the production plan.
3. Through skill training for production staff, ensure that the execution of production plan is not affected by insufficient staff skills.
4. Effective management is achieved through timely communication with production employees, guiding employees to maintain a positive work attitude, and ensuring that personnel issues should not affect the execution of the production plan.
5. Put forward suggestions on the recruitment needs and dismissal intentions of production employees, and cooperate with the human resources department to complete the entry and resignation procedures.
6. Use inventory information such as raw materials and packaging materials to ensure that the execution of the production plan is not affected by the lack of production materials.
7. Record, sort out, and analyze the management forms involved in the production process on time, including but not limited to: production efficiency, production quality and equipment maintenance, and submit analysis reports to the superior on a regular basis.
8. Provide a timely report given it weekly, monthly or annually to senior management team.
9. Documentation control within the production area, production records, reports, formulation etc.
10. Coordinate, monitor and implement occupational health and safety, first aid training, fork lift license and other necessary licenses and certification in day to day operation.
11. Monitor, assess, provide detail report on staff activities, performances, trainings and continue professional development.
12. Monitor, assess, analyze and propose changes to improve output numbers, efficiencies, quality of the product while also taking into account the cost, processes, labor, and resources.
13. Oversee the decommission and installation of old/new machines.
14. Other tasks arranged by superiors.